Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weigh-in Day Week 6

Well, I'm not sure how to feel about this evening's weigh-in. I always look forward to it for the most part, and really today is no different. For me, it's a measuring stick. OK, I just re-read that sentence and OF COURSE it's a measuring stick. Duh..... But I mean it's more than just measuring how much I've lost - it's also a measure of how I should construct my eating habits and how to conform my lifestyle to make weightloss work.

This wasn't a "great" week but it wasn't an awful week. I stayed with the plan for the most part but I'm finding that the weekends are hard to keep structured. I don't overeat really - but I do have bites and nibbles of things I shouldn't be putting into my mouth and of course, they all add up.

Generally speaking, I would say that this week was more indulgent than last week so hopefully I can at least stay the same weight as opposed to gaining.

Stay tuned to find out the verdict........

On a side note, it was a beautiful symphony of bird noises out on the screened porch this morning while I drank my coffee, had my devotions and ate my granola. It was also finally a cool, non-humid morning too and that was so nice!

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