Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Week 3, day 5 (aka not a good day)

So remember what I said about not having a treat at Mahjongg last night? Well - I did. Not once - but twice. Two stinking brownies. Seriously. And why? Well - the first bite was because I was thinking how delicious a piece of chocolate brownie would be. But beyond that first bite, there was no real reason. And there certainly wasn't a reason for the second brownie!! So why did I have it? I truly don't know. She picked up the plate to get it out of the way and said "anybody for seconds before I take the plate?" and everybody took one. So did I. Just because. And now I'm commiserating over it. It wasn't a GREAT brownie by any means - just a usual brownie.

So today - well, it had the best of intentions from me. But from the very beginning of the day it started out wrong. First thing out of the gate there was a change in my day - something I had to do that I hadn't planned on that was going to make my afternoon schedule tight. And then the clinic was just out of control today from the get-go. Someone suggested that the astroid that came between the earth and the sun was messing with the atmosphere. This is akin to the full moon theory I presume. However you choose to explain it, if it could go wrong today, it did. And I was cranky. My mom had surgery today and I was concerned about that too. Also guilty that I wasn't there.

I stuck with my food plan all day long..................until I stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up things for small group tonite (snacks at the last minute). I knew what I was going to get before I even walked in the door. There is a small little package of krispy kreme donut holes sitting in the middle of the isle by Starbucks..... and I picked it up and ate the entire thing while I was driving home. I did.

OK - so this wasn't a good day in a lot of ways. First -  my eating towards the end was way off the scale. Pun intended. Second - I had a horrid attitude about several things and I was feeling unnecessary guilt, stress and anger. Apparently I now know what triggers binge eating.

P.S.  I've been asked what 0 point items I like to snack on. I'd have to say veggies. I love tomatoes - but other than that, I haven't found many 0 point items that make me say yum. :)

Better sailing tomorrow............

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Anonymous said...

Boy, I hear you on a little taste of chocolate!!

I like the vitatops --they are not always easy to find, but they are 1 point and really pretty good. I also like those 1 point ww pretzel mini bars-- just the thing with a cup of coffee or tea.

New day tomorrow.

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