Sunday, September 27, 2009

Things in my yard this September

By the calendar, it is fall. I do admit that the temperatures are dropping a bit - but I've not even remotely ever needed a jacket yet, little alone real shoes or long sleeves. All that said, the yard and surrounding area is beginning to show signs of fall.

This is my bird feeder - ready for the birds and also "ready" for the squirrels. They are huge culprits of food, as are the dear. This feeder is good because A. it is high enough off of the ground that deer can't reach it and B. it has a squirrel guard on it.

The plants in the yard are looking nice right now. Since it hasn't been quite as hot, they are having a chance to flourish. Also - we've had quite a bit of rain.

This is the humming bird feeder and the beautiful plant around it. I don't get many humming birds at this point. I do see one now and then, but we're new on the block and they apparently haven't found us yet. Maybe next year....

This is a random cactus in the front yard. I don't know why it's there - or why it's staying. Very random.

And speaking of rain, we have had quite a bit. Because of that, we have lots of mushrooms showing up in the grass.

This one isn't real - it's made out of concrete I believe. Kinda cute though, huh?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Patiently Waiting

This is just an update of sorts - to let you know that both Jay and I are waiting. Patiently. Sort of.

What are we waiting for? Job notification.

Jay is waiting on the Department of Energy to let them know about a contract. If the contract is approved, he will be working much closer to home. As it is now, he works in Augusta - which is nearly an hour's drive each way. We've been waiting for news of this contract since March.

I am waiting to see if I will be hired at the Community Medical Clinic. I have been volunteering there for a couple of months now - and really enjoy it. They have some hours available to hire me and my resume etc. has been presented to the board - and supposedly everyone is "on board" with hiring me - but the final decision hasn't been made yet. So I continue to volunteer.

So - here we are. Kind of in limbo - but both of us putting in our time. We're both content with what we're doing (though volunteering doesn't really bring in a paycheck, if you know what I mean). It will just be nice when both decisions are made and revealed to us.

So the foot tapping you hear...........its me. Being patient.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So, we've been in South Carolina now for 2 months but for the most part, it seems a lot longer. And now, it is fall - so I'm curious what fall is like in this area. Certainly already the mornings are much cooler. At the beginning of my walk, I almost need a jacket. I don't take one of course because my hands are already full of things: a tissue, my MP3 player and a little sack of dog biscuits. You absolutely HAVE to take dog biscuits with you if you intend to make friends. Almost everyone has a dog that they walk in the mornings - and you get to know their names (the dogs, that is) and if you offer them a biscuit, they are your friend for life. So now, as I meet them on the street, their tails start to wag and they approach you with those eyes that say "HEY LADY - WHERE'S THE DOG BISCUIT?" As a way of introduction then, you eventually meet their owners and develop new friendships. Some people, I actually only see on my morning walk - but a few I've met in other places around town as well.

OK - back to fall.

I haven't seen any leaves changing colors yet -but it is a little early. We still have the Farmers Market - but the summer concerts in the park are over. The Halloween decorations are out at various places (as are the Christmast decorations. Don't get me started.)

So all in all, fall seems to be "in the air" and I'm very excited to see the changes around here. I'll post some pictures when as visual aids when that time arrives.

For now though, I'm just enjoying the southern hospitality and new friendships.