Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Notes

It's "that time of year" as we all say. It's the holiday season - it's December - it's CHRISTMAS! I have to tell you that this Christmas has been wonderful. I know that sometimes we say that it just doesn't seem like Christmas. Perhaps it "sneaks up on us" and we're just not prepared. Sometimes we are so busy with things that we just don't look forward to this time of year because there is so much to do. For me, this Christmas has been wonderful. I felt like I am mentally prepared for Christmas - in many more ways than one.

There are so many obvious things. I have been busy, like everyone else - and finding times to get the cards out and wrap gifts and decorate isn't always easy. But I've found myself really delighting in all of these things and looking forward to just sitting and enjoying the lights and the sounds.

There have been many years that I'm tired of listening to Christmas songs by December 15th. Not so this year. Each time I hear "It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" it just makes me smile. I am so content in this season.

By now, the Christmas cards are out and of course everything is decorated. Cookies have been baked, presents bought and wrapped and plans for returning to Kansas are made. I'm giddy with excitement to say the least.

Last night I sat and watched some old Andy Williams Christmas shows. There was a fire in the fireplace (not really necessary in South Carolina, but we had one going none the less) and I had a cup of tea and a Christmas cookie. Was I content? You bet I was - beyond belief. Listening to him sing "I'm Dreaming of a white Christmas" just made me melt.

Do I miss the snow of Kansas? Yes I do. There are lots of things that I miss. I wish I could go with Braylon to visit Santa. I wish I could bake Christmas cookies with my daughters. But I am where I am and I am just as content as I could possibly be.

Now - with all the sights and tastes and sounds of Christmas aside - I have to say that I am the most content I have really ever been in remembering the birth of Jesus. I am content in this entire process being part of my celebration of His birth! I love the decorations and the smells and all of the trimmings that go along with the holiday. But I love most the fact that Jesus Christ came to earth - that God sent his only Son to be born in a humble stable. I am so excited to celebrate His birth - that indeed makes me giddy!

How blessed we are - how wonderful to be able to share this time of year with my friends and family - and to know that on this day......born in a stable.......the baby Jesus. For me.

Christmas blessings to each and every one.