Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Here it is - Tuesday and for my WW week, it's technically mid-week. I weight in on Thursday evenings and it is at this point in the week where I start to do some serious evaluations. How did I do? Have I been true to the plan? How far off have I strayed? Have I been flexible or horribly rigid? What are the scales going to show?

I do know this. I cannot keep on evaluating each and every thing so seriously. I need to be accountable and I do need to keep on track - but to OVERanalyze everything is crazy.

I've been accused of overanalyzing things - several times.  More times that I'd care to admit. So this is apparently cause for concern in my personality.

This truly is not rocket science - I know the plan and by now, I have a pretty good idea of the points of things. For the most part, I know if something is over the line for the day. That does not and will not keep me from accurately keeping track of each thing that goes into my mouth. But again - do it for what it is and quit trying to be so strict with every motion I make.

There has to be a fine line between being faithful and accountable and being manic about it. I'm sure I'll find that line in due time. Until then, I guess I'll continue to analyze everything. That is, if I am truly indeed overanalyzing........or is it just what others say.........maybe I'm not.........how do they word it.......is it said in love or............................oh shoot. There I go again. :)

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