Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Variety is the spice of life!

Here I am - one day before weigh-in and I find myself almost giddy with expectation to see what tomorrow's scales say!

It was a good day - started off with water aerobics for an hour before I went to work. It was a well-planned day - I recorded everything I ate - stayed within the point range and just got back from a walk with the husband. I feel good - I feel like I accomplished my goal today - and I am ready for another day!

A new friend suggested putting the one point happy cow cheese on a small toasted bagel and then add tomatoes! I LOVE THAT IDEA - thanks so much for the suggestion!

Several ladies have been bringing herbs from their garden to the WW meetings to share with everyone! What a thoughtful idea - and what a good way to spice up otherwise bland meals without adding any calories or points!

Have a great Thursday everyone - and I'll let you know how tomorrow turns out!

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