Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And a new day it is!

And a new day it is!!

It is so funny to me that one day can be so different than the day before when it comes to "willpower" or whatever it is that keeps me on a straight path.

Today, I felt like I was in control. (Foolish thought - and not safe at all - but a thought none the less) I wrote down every single thing that went into my mouth and here I am at 8 o'clock at night and I have one point remaining which I choose to fill with a peach. I had a tablespoon of peanut butter when I got home from work that I hadn't planned on. So I wrote it down and counted it. This brings me to something that I need to deal with right away. Almost without fail I am HUNGRY when I get home from work. I need to deal with this before it gets out of hand. I need to plan for it.

When I get home, I plan on drinking a big glass of water first. Then I'll eat something pre-planned, ideally a filling food. Maybe some celery with peanut butter would be good. Or a rice cake with peanut butter. Both are crunchy and that's always a good thing. To me, if it's crunchy, then I am definitely getting my money's worth!

I was busy all morning at the Savannah River Site with a United Way presentation so that helped. The thing was, they always have delicious treats there. Marlane and I both avoided them. The lady who had a display across from us had gingersnaps that she offered us. Again, we declined. I work good in pairs!!

I didn't get to go to the gym this morning because of having to be at the site so very early. I'll go in tomorrow then - which is really not a bad idea at all since tomorrow evening is WW and I'm needing to be as ready as I can be. It wasn't a perfect week.

That's something I need to learn to deal with also. It's not ever going to be a PERFECT week - I'm not made that way. I need to do the very best I can, plan ahead, be prepared, and work the plan. Life lessons - continued. I can do this!

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