Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 3, Day 4

It was a pretty good day today - so far. I am headed to a neighbor's house in a half hour to play Mahjongg and I "fear" what she will have for snacks. I am committed to say "no thank you" and just drink either water or diet pop. If you have iced tea down here, it is most definitely sweet tea - and that's not a good thing!

I'm working on two areas right now: First, making sure that I eat several small meals throughout the day so that I don't get hungry with a capital H! Second, making sure that the majority of foods I eat are high in protein and "filling foods". I love blueberries - but they aren't exactly filling. 1 cup of blueberries is only 1 point - but it doesn't do much to satisfy my hunger. I always include a protein drink throughout the day as well. We are told not to drink our calories and while I know that is true, I do need the extra protein and this is a good way to do it - and it's only 2 points.

I went to the gym this morning and rode the bike for 5 miles - it felt really good! It's a great way to start out my mornings!

So - that's it for today. I'll let you know tomorrow how I did at mahjongg!  Thanks for your encouragement!

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Anonymous said...

I too love blueberries and the 0% Faage Greek yogurt--it has 14 or so grams of protein, and I think is 2 pts. It tastes a bit like sour cream. Snap peas are my other favorite.

I LOVE finding new zero or 1 pt foods! What are some of your favorites?