Saturday, August 14, 2010

Being Flexible

Being Flexible sometimes isn't easy for me. I have a routine - I have a plan. I like things to be orderly.

I say that I'm flexible - that I can be spontaneous - but the reality is that it kind of upsets me when things change. It upsets me when my plans don't turn out the way I'd thought they would.

I have a plan for my daily eating. And for the most part, it stays true. But things happen. Things that are out of my control. But beyond that - there are just times that I want something to eat that isn't on my "plan".

So what do I do? I commiserate. I fret. I lament over what I should have eaten verses what I did eat.

The solution? Be flexible. Go with the flow. Stay true - but stay flexible.

This is a life time eating plan I'm on. I am NOT always going to be eating exactly what I've put on paper. Things come up and also there are "food urges" that simply cannot be ignored.

This is not giving me permission to eat whatever I want. On the contrary. This is giving me permission to incorporate other foods into my daily life that I might otherwise "ban". And when I do, then I continue to go forward and continue to stay on task.

So this week - I'm trying to be flexible. I'm trying hard not to beat myself up for having one thing during the week that doesn't exactly fall in line.

Not easy - but doable.

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