Friday, August 6, 2010

Finding something new inside myself

This is day 1 of week 4. The book for this week is titled "Habits of Successful Members" and has been very helpful for me. I took a small quiz called the Habit Profile. My highest marks were in "Learn From Experience" and highest of all "Manage Your Feelings".

I need to learn from little lapses and that they stop there instead of taking me off track completely. There is no such thing as failure. Only feedback. That was so freeing to me - every time I get off track, it is feedback to me. I can analyze it and figure out why I did it. Then, I figure out how to avoid it next time. Feedback. Good stuff. Expecting perfection is a quick way to fall of track. I definitely expect that of myself, in so many ways. I need to expect reality instead. I don't think that means that I can give myself enough rope to hang myself - on the contrary. I just need to give myself a little slack.

The pages that really spoke to me were about managing my feelings. Those of you who know me probably think that I do that rather well. Or maybe that's the way I perceive myself - a good handler of my emotions and feelings. I see myself as a stable person - in control - not wavering. How dangerous is that! Seriously - I'm far from that!

Becoming aware that I am an emotional eater was an eye-opening experience for me. Take last Tuesday as an example. If I could view that day's video, I would see exactly that example right in front of me. I am going to start paying attention to my hunger signals and then do something about it. If I'm "feeling" that I'm hungry soon after I've eaten, then there's something else going on. Am I bored? Am I annoyed or angry about something? Am I lonely? Am I feeling sad about something? Those things aren't too hard to figure out - but I need to be aware of it and then act on them. I need to have in place things to do when that happens to me. If I'm sitting at my desk at work and feel hungry, then I can get up and walk around for a bit - go outside for a minute. Offer to get the mail. Breathe in some outside air.

If I'm lonely for my children or for my grandson, I can call them. Step away and talk to them for a couple of minutes.

If I'm angry or annoyed - then deal with the situation. Eating does not take care of a single thing besides filling my stomach. If I'm not hungry, I shouldn't be eating.

To quote one of the leader's mentioned in this book: " It isn't the load that breaks us down, it's the way we carry it."

I also need to prepare myself. Successful people set goals, plan their efforts, and prepare for challenging scenarios. Research shows that setting goals is an important part of the weight-loss process. Goals that are broken down into smaller steps feel more attainable and allow for more frequent celebrations! (and not with food!!)

One of the things they talked about was anchoring. I like this and may try to implement it. This helps me get in touch with my "inner resources". For me, this strength comes from God. With anchoring, you connect to times in your life when you felt particularly patient, confident, determined or successful. Yout attach that memory to a physical object, a mental picture or a gesture. When you need those positive feelings, that confidence, that determination - you touch the object, conjure the image or make the gesture. I'm working on this right now - I have a few ideas and I will share them with you when I come to a good conclusion.

There was also the idea of reframing. This helps me to recognize the real motivation behind emotional eating - trying to accomplish an emotional need with food. Reframing helps you to fill that need with something other than food.  Ask yourself: What does this behavior give me? How does it benefit me? Then think what else I could do to get that benefit. Again - I'm in the process of working on this. Very interesting stuff.

Today I stayed on track completely. I keep track of points and didn't eat anything I shouldn't have. I felt good - I felt positive. One more day towards the goal.

Speaking of goals, I'm going to focus on a smaller goal this week. I would like to lose 2# this week. That is the goal.

Thank you anonymous for all of your comments - do I know you?  :)

"It isn't the load that breaks us down, it's the way we carry it."


Amy Warden said...

I'm following you on this, Sheryl. I love seeing your progress - you go, girl!!

Anonymous said...

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