Friday, June 15, 2007

What season is it?

Its the time of year where there's really nothing to watch on tv. I know, it wouldn't kill me NOT to watch tv - but frankly, there isn't much else to do sometimes. We lead a pretty quiet life and my apartment is small so there's not a lot of cleaning to do. There is no yard to take care of. I read - but the TV is right there in front of me!

Football season is over. There is arena football but I've never really liked that. It just seems wrong.
College basketball is over and I hate that it goes by so quickly.
Jay loves hockey - and now the Stanley Cup Playoffs are over.
We enjoy baseball and watch the Washington Nationals. But that game is so slow.
So what season is it? Lets decide.
Curling? Probably still going on in Canada somewhere.
Horseshoes? Probably in parks all around the area.
Tennis and golf - yes - they are there and we'll watch golf once in awhile but again..........painfully slow to watch on tv.
Soccer - I just never watch it.

So what does this boil down to. I can watch something on tv that I'm not really interested in or I could read.... or clean out a closet.....or exercise.

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