Friday, June 1, 2007

I did it!

Last night was my airport trip - through the Pentagon Mixing Bowl! It turned out that Jay's plane was about a half hour late. I had fortunately checked online before I left so I knew that ahead of time.

There is a "cell phone parking lot" for people who are waiting. The thing is, there are about 12 parking stalls. Yeah... like that is going to be enough. I would have ended up driving around and around and around - waiting for the flight to land. As it turned out, the timing was perfect. I found a spot in the lot to wait for about 10 min.

Everything went smoothly - I did not get lost and I made it there on time. Now - lets be clear about one thing. When I said that "I" made it... I mean that I got there with God being in control. I prayed before I left. I gave it to God 'cause I knew that honestly, I was not totally prepared to drive there at night. I hate driving at night. I do. God graciously got me there safely and without getting lost.

Another city adventure - completed!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Sheryl, Congratulations! Really....I mean it, because that would scare me to death. I hate driving in heavy traffic. And I also hate to drive at night. I'm glad you're adapting well to city life!