Sunday, June 3, 2007

It happened again!

Well, my faith in the city has been renewed. Today on my way home from church, traffic going my direction had come to a halt. There were four lanes going my way and nobody was moving. There were several cars in front of me, so I couldn't tell what the problem was. It was pouring rain, so it could have easily been an accident. Our light turned green, but still nobody moved. After another light change, our lane slowly inched forward. When it came to a standstill again, I was able to see what was going on. There in the middle island were lots of geese. I mean probably 6 adults and lots of little ones. They were stranded in the middle in the pouring rain. The mothers were trying desperately to get their little ones to the side of the road. As I sat there with the other motorists, one of the mamas took her little ones across. They were kind of slipping around because of the wet pavement so the going was slow. Absolutely nobody honked (excuse the pun). They just waited. After she and her babies were across, they kind of waited a bit more to see if others were going to cross and when it became evident that the others were going to wait, they edged forward, not wanting to scare the remainder and not wanting to accidently hit one of them.
I have to tell you - I was really amazed. I loved the reaction of the motorists. I mean true - nobody wants a goose plastered on the grill of their car. But I think it was more than that. I think these motorists were given an opportunity to do something out of the kindness of their hearts and they chose to do it. It put a smile in my heart.

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