Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rescheduled Again.....

OK - so this morning at our staff meeting, my boss prayed for patience for me. Thanks a lot. You know what happens what you pray for patience.

Well, it seems like I haven't gotten through all of the hoops for the insurance company concerning my upcoming gastric bypass surgery. I'm in agreement that they all need to be jumped through and I'm quite willing to do it. I just want them all jumped through NOW. :) Now, please.

I have put God in control of absolutely everything concerning this, so I know that all of these details are being taken care of by Him. I haven't taken it back from him. I haven't tried to handle things on my own. But man, these highs and lows of anticipation are nearly making me dizzy! This is hardly a life and death matter - not even close - except I know I will have so much more life after this surgery is over and as my recovery time proceeds along. I'm just so excited for it to happen and its hard to wait.

Now its scheduled for Julyl 17th. I've written in down on my calendar in pencil. Not ink. Not yet. We'll just see what God has planned for me. I hope that on the 16th of July I can use ink to write on the 17th.

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Jason & Chelsie Crook said...

How will this affect a trip to Kansas? I can't imagine you being up to traveling by the time of the fair!