Monday, June 25, 2007

My Weekend - Part 2

When I left you last, I had just returned home to a laundry-free house (apartment). Jay and I had talked about doing a lot of things on Saturday - so I hurried up and took a shower and got dressed. We headed out the door for a quick lunch at Baja Fresh. mmmmmmmmmmmm. We then took a risk and saw a movie that we hadn't heard much about but sounded good to us. Mr. Brooks ( ) Honestly - it was such a different movie for Kevin Costner. We both rated it a B - which is not bad at all. It uses the F-word now and then and there was definitely some violence. Just was interesting - and had some twists in it.

After the movie we went to Penneys and then to the Christian Book Store. Then we went to a grocery store that we'd wanted to go to for quite some time (do we know how to live, or what) It's called Trader Joe's and was it ever fun. They had things like a guacamole making kit - it was just two avacados, two tomatoes, a small onion, two cloves of garlic and a hot pepper - but that was a good idea. We got some stuffed salmon, some wonderful blueberries and a few other just fun things. The people in the store are dressed in Jamaican shirts and are just as friendly as can be. There are lots of people around with little "stands" where you can sample things. It was just fun. I love Saturdays.

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