Sunday, July 8, 2007

The "Wonder" of Insurance Companies

There is a certain mystique, if you will, about insurance companies. You absolutely cannot go through life without them. You just can't. You have to have auto insurance, by law. And honestly - as testified by my son Josh, we were so blessed to have our insurance company. They really came through for us, both the auto and the health.

You have to have life insurance I guess. This topic is always debatable - but its just not a bad idea.

Then, of course you have to have health insurance. I mean you just have to. If something catastrophic were to happen, where in the world would you be. You'd be paying on the bills the rest of your life. Josh's bills came to about a half a million dollars. Wow... just imagine if we hadn't have had insurance.

Which brings me to my current situation. My gastric bypass surgery vs my insurance company. I had gotten the "official" OK from them about two weeks ago and I was just thrilled! I had the word out to everybody and the surgery was scheduled. Well, it turns out that it was incorrectly stated. There had to be another review and they ended up saying no to us. And No is No. They absolutely will not pay for any of it at all. We had so many people involved in this decision - anybody from us, the doctor's office, people from Jay's company in the HR department and several people in two different insurance company it seems. But to no avail. They just aren't going to cover it. So here we are - right in the middle of the plans for a surgery and now we're going to have to come up with the money for it. After all this time of waiting. I wish they would have made this decision about two months ago when this all started. I could have had the surgery done already and been two months healed.

The best part of all of this is that at the beginning I placed this into God's hands. His hands are perfect and his decisions are perfect and his vision into my future is perfect. He loves me so and I know that he wants the very best for me. So.... despite being a little annoyed at the insurance company, I trust that this decision and even the delay was for a good reason.

The one thing I know is this: I am very anxious for August 31st to get here.

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