Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Being invisible

Today I got to attend a lunch brainstorming session for my work. I was the only female - no big deal - but I was also the youngest and the ..... least wise? Three of the men were pastors, one was my boss and the other was this big cheese guy for marketing and sales. He was a talker - and honestly, he really knew what he was talking about. There was lots of strategy etc and it was really, really interesting. About halfway through, I had something I wanted to share. It took about three tries before I was able to get a word in and when I did, they all just kind of brushed it off. I'm not sure they really heard me. I suggested that a pastor really would find it very informative to sit in on a session just like this one. He could hear what they had to say about Christian Stewardship Ministries and how it is working in their churches. I told them briefly about the Ministrial Alliance in Clay Center and that something like that would be a perfect setting.
No comment from anybody.
About 20 minutes later, the big cheese said.... "How about if we have a target group - like a group of pastors and tell them just what we've been talking about here?"
You're kidding..... right?
I looked at the guy across the table from me hoping that he'd speak up and say "That's what Sheryl said about 20 minutes ago!!"
Nobody said anything like that.
In fact, they loved his idea.
Do you know why?
It wasn't the FIRST TIME THEY'D HEARD IT !!!!
I'm good now....the afternoon is over. And I'm over it. But dang....what part of my communication skills are missing? Maybe its a guy thing.

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