Friday, July 6, 2007


Right now, my surgery is scheduled for July 17 so I'm several days into the liquid diet - again. I've done this three times now, only to have the surgery have to be re-scheduled. I don't know yet if its a go this time - but in any event, I'm on the routine until I hear differently.

It takes awhile for the body to figure out what you're doing. I'm losing weight on this - no doubt about that. I'm as sleepy as can be because there isn't much fuel. The thing that is the hardest is a day like today. Jay is gone and its in my mind that I should stop by two places after work. I want to stop by Kentucky Fried Chicken and get a "Bowl" and then stop by PJ Skidoos and get a piece of their to-die-for chocolate cake.
Lets do the math here - are either one of those items on my diet? No. Are they liquid? No... but they could be......I mean NO they aren't. The temptation is great 'cause I could "get by with it" since Jay isn't home to see me. Yeah... and that would make it all ok.
I won't do it. It would ruin a lot of things and I want the surgery to go well. But its just annoying to have these little temptations pop into my head and then there's nowhere for them to go. Its almost like I have to give in to get rid of them.
Anyway... there will always be temptations. Can't give in to every one of them - so why give in to one?

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