Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Necessity of Insurance

Everybody needs some form of insurance or another.

You have to have automobile insurance. Not only do you need it to get a loan for a vehicle but its a law that you need at least liability insurance for the other driver.

You probably need life insurance. Not everybody has it and some people say that not everybody needs its. Its necessity is up for grabs I guess.

Some people have insurance for cancer. Some people have insurance for nursing homes. Some people insure their dogs. There is insurance for boats and motorcycles and RV's.

We have to have homeowners or renters insurance. Once again, its a law to have insurance in case somebody gets hurt on your property etc. but its also a very good idea.

Then there's health insurance. I could write pages, but I'll hold myself back. I've been dealing with my health insurance for months now trying to get them to make a decision regarding paying for my gastric bypass surgery. I had actually received a supposed decision from them two weeks ago saying that they were going to pay for it. Then all of a sudden, the first part of this week, they said there was an error in that statement and that it wasn't covered. I understand. They have an exclusion that says that gastric bypass surgery would not be paid under any circumstances, even if the reason is not just for weight loss - say like acid reflux or something. It's just that they had given us some hope and had been reviewing it for a couple of months now. We had jumped through hoops, gotten extra tests that we had paid for and had numerous doctors send in reports and requests. Then - after all this time - they come to the same conclusion. No.


I could have had this surgery two months ago and been through the hardest part by now. We have had to cancel a vacation and I could have been home to visit my kids a lot earlier than I'm getting too all because I thought this was going to be in the works much sooner than it is.

Now I'm in agreement that you need health insurance. That's a given. You cannot pay for health care without it. Josh's wreck is a perfect example. His bill came to around a half a million dollars. Wow. Good thing for health insurance. Another example is that I just had surgery yesterday morning for my throat (the acid reflux thing again) and my breathing was bad when I got out of anesthesia so they kept me overnight. Good thing I have insurance or else it would have been very expensive.

So - here you are. You can't live with them sometimes because they are so picky and face it - they are very expensive. But... there is that necessity.

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