Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Again - the Post Office

And yet again, another trip to the Post Office. This trip was kinda cute though. As always, it was about 4:45 when I got there along with about 23 of my closest friends. We were all standing in line waiting patiently. After I got up to the counter, a little old lady came up to the counter to the clerk next to me. Now remember, it was about 5 until 5 o'clock and the place is crowded. Well, this little thing wanted to see all the stamps the guy had. She was tired of plain old stamps - she wanted some "pretty stamps". I have to hand it to the clerk - he was just very good to her. He got out all the varieties of stamps and laid them on the counter for her to look at. She was very quiet as she looked them over, trying to make a decision. After all, she needed 10 of them. She was not about to make a mistake.

I had three big boxes to run through, which took a little bit of time. As I was leaving, she was still standing there "browsing". The clerk was very kind to her - but I'm not too sure how the people standing in line were feeling about her.

It's all about customer service, isn't it? I hope she found what she was looking for. No disrespect intended - but doesn't it make you wonder why she waited until 5 o'clock to go to the Post Office?

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Chelsie said...

I've thought that before about going to the store after work. Why do old people wait to go then? What else did they have going that day?

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