Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Post Office Story

Honestly - if I ever lack for something to blog, all I have to do is go to the post office. Seriously.

I usually arrive at the post office around 4:45 and they close at 5:00. You can imagine what the lines look like. I almost always have several large envelopes to mail so I get "the look" from the people behind me. You know "the look". It says "Oh my gosh, she can't be serious. Why doesn't she stand at the back of the line so that we can get through! Why did she have to wait until 4:45 to come to the post office when she's going to take so long???"

So - I finally get up to the clerk and he is going through my packages. There is a line of about 8 people behind me - with two other clerks working.

In walks a woman and comes right up to the counter with a couple of envelopes she wants to mail by registered mail. She butts in and asks the clerk to "please just stamp this envelope so that I can go on". The clerk looked at her and then stamped the envelope and let her go on. Eyebrows were raised in the line behind me.

About one minute later, a cute little blonde came through the door and promptly went up to a clerk (without waiting in line) and asked that she stamp her envelope for registered mail. This clerk looked at her and said "What about the line?" The blonde just giggled. SERIOUSLY. The clerk said again "What about that line?" The blonde just stood there so the clerk stamped her enveloped and she danced out of there.

You could have heard a pin drop.

Finally one of the women standing in line said "I guess if you're a cute little thing you can get away with stuff like that!" The clerk said "Why didn't you people in line stand up for yourselves?" Everyone laughed! (It could have gone either way) He said "I thought by telling her about the line she would get the hint" and the same lady in line said "I guess when you're cute and used to getting your way it doesn't matter." The banter continued and everyone laughed it off - but I'm pretty sure that clerk isn't going to let anybody else butt into line again.

It was just another day in the post office.

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