Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lavender pillows and cowboy hats

This is my lavender pillow. Not only is it lavender in color, but it is filled with actual lavender and it of course smells like lavender. It is just the right size to lay your cheek on at night and smell that wonderful aroma. Lavender is supposed to be wonderful for making you feel relaxed so that you can fall asleep. I love how it smells and it is so comfortable!

Having several pillows to sleep on seems to run in our family. You can just ask Chelsie about that. I happen to have a regular pillow on the bottom. On top of that to the right is my smaller buckwheat pillow and to the left of that is my lavender pillow. It's the way I like it. It feels good AND it smells good.

Two nights ago, I woke up at 1:30 am and my earring was stuck in one of the "nubbs" of my lavender pillow. It was just stuck. I tried prying it out but it wouldn't budge. I tried removing my earring but no. I laid there for a little bit and thought maybe if I just went back to sleep, everything would work out in the morning. That wasn't true. I couldn't fall back asleep until I got the earring loose.

So, I had to wake up Jay. He of course didn't mind. I told him my earring was stuck in the lavender pillow. I asked him if he would grab his little scissors that were on his bedside table and snip the thread that was holding me captive. Of course the light had to come on 'cause nobody wants you coming at them with scissors in the dark. Quickly, the thread was cut and my earring was free from the lavender pillow.

So - you're wondering what this has to do with cowboy hats. I'm getting to that.

Jay really doesn't care for my lavender pillow. He, like most males, doesn't like foo-fooey things and I have to admit, the lavender pillow not only looks foo-fooey, but it smells foo-fooey. He makes sure that it doesn't get close to his pillow - that's why its on the LEFT side of my pillow. When I came home from my little adventure in the hospital, my lavender pillow was on the floor. Apparently, nobody knows how it got there. Uh huh.

When Jay was a little boy, he had a cowboy hat. He absolutely loved that cowboy hat and had had it around for many years. It ended up looking kinda ratty, but he still wore it. One day he came home from school and he couldn't find his cowboy hat. He looked and looked, but couldn't ever find it. He asked his mom if she knew where his cowboy hat was and she said she didn't know. She hadn't seen it.

Now - if you're a mother, you know good and well that his mother knew where the cowboy hat was. As a grownup, Jay now knows what happened to his cowboy hat and to tell the truth, he is having a little trouble letting go of that issue! :)

Back to my lavender pillow.

I'm thinking I might take it with me when I fly to Kansas tomorrow. Jay has promised me that he will "look after" the lavender pillow for me. But I know how he's thinking now and I'm afraid that it is going to end up in that little corner in the sky where cowboy hats, old t-shirts and worn out softball mits go.

Yes, I believe I'll just pack it away in my suitcase for safe keeping.......

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