Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

This is the last day of the three day weekend - It's Memorial Day. It seems that each year, Memorial Day means more to me. I guess I just am realizing that this is a very serious holiday, as well as it being a very honoring holiday. When the United States is in the middle of a war (and when aren't we.....) it takes on another dimension all its own.

In D.C., there is a thing that takes place over the weekend called Roaring Thunder. Motorcyclists from all over the nation converge in downtown D.C. and pay honor to their fallen countrymen. It's a very huge thing - and even out here away from the city, there are motorcycles everywhere. I wouldn't want to venture down there. There are way too many people and the crowds would be overwhelming I think. If you were a biker though, I'm sure there would be no better place to be.

I wanted to go for a picnic today. Jay got a driving route all mapped out and we got a picnic lunch packed. We headed out around 10 this morning and set off to find the perfect picnic spot. About three and a half hours later, we returned back home and ate our picnic lunch on the deck. There just weren't any picnic spots. We found one area with one picnic bench - but it was taken. In the battelfields, there were no picnic areas and when we did find some spots, it was on private property.

I admit that I was a little disappointed - but the drive was wonderful and once again - seeing battlefields was just incredible. You could just almost see Civil War Hero's sticking their head up over a ridge.......

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