Thursday, September 25, 2008

When left to my own devices.....

Things I do when Jay is gone:

#1 I read until 11 o'clock at night
#2 I leave dishes in the sink. Heck - who am I kidding. I do that anyway.
#3 I watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 endlessly
#4 I watch Trading Spaces
#5 I let the remote sit on the arm of MY chair
#6 I wear socks to bed
#7 I find something to do on a Saturday morning that involves Starbucks and a book
#8 I fall asleep in my chair in the evening. Again - who am I kidding.....
#9 I think seriously about doing the filing on top of the cabinet.
#10 I make a list of things I need to get done the day before he comes home.


Chelsie said...

That's the key - look like you've done a lot, when in reality, it was only done a few minutes before he walks in the door :)

Huge Blue Fan said...

Hey, just saw your bog. By the way you look great. Have a great weekend.

JayK said...

Cute Blog, Honey. I was wondering what you did when I was gone. Loving you and coming home soon. Jay