Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bob Newhart

Last night we went with our friends Steve and Donna to see Bob Newhart at the Warner Theatre in downtown DC. I was really looking forward to seeing him as he has been a favorite of mine for such a long time. I love his humor - and even the old jokes he tells. I always loved the Bob Newhart show on TV - and this was just a fun walk down memory lane.

You can only imagine what the crowd was like. There were few people younger than us and the majority were older. I think everybody was just ready for a nice evening of laughter - and we certainly got that and more. It was Bob's 79th birthday so when he came on stage, everyone broke into Happy Birthday - without any prompting from anybody. He was truly touched.

Except for the fact that his voice was a little weaker than I remember it, he was the same and I enjoyed listening to him.

I had not been to the Warner Theatre before - it was an absolutely beautiful place. It was very close to the Metro so it was quite convenient.

A very enjoyable evening with lots of laughter. Nice way to end the week!

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