Monday, September 1, 2008


We decided to take a short road trip this afternoon. We had heard of this little "town" called Occoquan and it ended up being about 15 miles from us. It always seems odd to me that there are these little towns that are not too far away. How they get tucked away in the middle of the city is more than I can figure out - I just know that I like it!

So here is this little town called Occoquan and it was just a precious little brick lined artsy-quilty-craftsy-winetasting-delicious little place. There were some other visitors there - but it certainly was not crowded for a labor day. It was very relaxing!

There was a walking bridge over the Occoquan River that was very nice and not the least bit scarey!

We had a nice little lunch there and walked up and down the streets, going in and out of the little stores. We came home with a nice bottle of wine and a print from a local painter.

It was nice once again to find a little place that took us out of the city - a place to get away and relax! Hope your weekend was equally as relaxing!

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