Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Convoy of Hope

Last Saturday was supposed to be Convoy of Hope. But, there seemed to be a small issue of a hurricaine going through - we got almost 8" of rain that day - with wind- so it was postponed until Sunday. Well - Sunday was a beautiful day to say the least. Hand-picked by God!

The event was held at RFK stadium and around 10,000 people came through the gates to receive things ranging from a haircut, to help writing a resume, healthcare, a job interview and free groceries. Not the least of these things that was available to them was prayer - and a connection to a church.

As the people exited the area, they were met by greeters who asked them if there was anything that they needed prayer for. It was a perfect time to meet people - and for some people, nobody had ever asked them that before. This is a picture of the prayer team getting ready for the day.

Jay worked with security in the Kid Zone. My friend Carol and I worked in data entry. If people wanted prayer and a connection with a church, they filled out a card and then we entered the information into a computer so that they could be matched up at a later date.

This is a picture of some of the bags of groceries. There were two semi-loads of food given away that day.

It was wonderful to be a very small part of God's plan that day.

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