Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A scarey moment

The elevator in my building is somewhat suspect in that its reliability is questionable. From time to time it just doesn't work. The repairman comes, shakes his head, flips a few switches and "viola" it works again. Fortunately, this is not a tall building or I probably wouldn't ever get in it. I remember getting into the elevator at the Sears Tower in Chicago and being a little apprehensive - but I digress.

Anyway - this morning I got into the elevator to go up to the copier. The doors closed and nothing happened. I just stood there for awhile - thinking that the elevator thought processes would kick in and I'd be on the move shortly. But no. I stood there for about a minute, weighing my options. There weren't many. There is a little phone inside the elevator but I knew I'd feel like a real dork calling whoever is on the other end and telling them I was stuck in the elevator. Good thing I didn't.

Apparently you have to push the button of the floor you want to go to. Who knew?

I'm just glad I figured that out before I made the phone call. It's not even Monday.


Chelsie said...

I hate it when that happens! That's pretty funny!

Kendall Smith said...

Sheesh. They should include operating directions on those things!!! :-)