Friday, May 4, 2007

The Two Week Diet

I'm having surgery on May 14th for my acid reflux. The surgeon is going to wrap part of my stomach around the bottom of my esophagus and make that opening tighter so that less acid can splash up. The surgery is called Nissan Fundoplication (I think that's spelled right). In preparation for the surgery, and because it is going to be done laproscopically, they need to shrink my liver because it tends to get in the way. Dang liver. So.....I'm on an Optifast diet for these two weeks before surgery. I am hard pressed to call it a diet - its more like a fast with a little bit of food. I'm not kidding. From Monday morning until Friday morning, I've lost 10#. Seriously.

I have three ingredients to eat. #1 is a beverage. I have two flavors: chocolate and strawberry. I mix that powder with 6oz of water. I drink it quickly because it tends to not stay liquid forever. Forever translates to more than 5 min. It tastes good, but is rather lumpy. #2 is soup. Tomato or chicken. Not bad tasting. Again, 6oz of water and drink it quickly because it also tends to get lumpy. #3 a protein bar. Honey and Oats or peanut butter. Very good, dense bars.
Breakfast: One beverage, one bar
Mid morning: One beverage
Lunch: One soup, one bar
Mid afternoon: One beverage
Dinner: One soup
Evening: One beverage

I kid you not. The funny thing is, I'm not really hungry. My stomach is not growling. I think its in shock. I have cravings - pizza is a front runner for something I'd like to sneak into the apartment. I know this is important though and apparently it is really working. I'll stick with it. The good news is that this might be breaking some of my bad eating habits. Also, the surgery should keep me from having continuous throat surgeries because I'm having trouble breathing. I'll keep you posted.

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