Saturday, May 5, 2007

A cloudy brain

Well, forget the last post. Except for the diet part - it continues. But forget about the surgery. My surgeon called me about 4 o'clock on Friday. He talked about the possibility of me having gastric bypass surgery instead of the Nissan. He suggested that it would be a "two for one" deal for me. #1 It would greatly help my acid reflux and #2 it would cause me to lose weight which is a good thing and which would again do wonders for my acid reflux. He said that even though my insurance doesn't cover it, they do have a payment plan and that I wouldn't have to pay it in one lump sum. We talked $$ for awhile and I was surprised to find out that it didn't cost as much as I thought. Not nearly as much as I thought.
The interesting part about this is that I had prayed very hard about this on Monday and asked that if it wasn't God's will, that a door be closed. I thought the door was closed when the insurance wouldn't pay it - but the fact that my doctor called me back and discussed this with me leads me to believe the door is still open.
My options now are this: I can cancel the Nissan surgery for now and have an appointment with the surgeon who does the gastric bypass - or I can continue on in the direction I'm going and just have the Nissan without going any further. I'm at the point now where I hate to make a final decision without all the information. Besides - losing weight is a good thing.
So - I'm going to call for an appointment on Monday and see what the surgeon has to say about gastric bypass. I'll cancel the Nissan surgery. I am still going to stay on this diet I'm on for now because first of all, I love being cranky. Second of all, I'm losing a lot of weight and thirdly - and most important - it will make the surgery more of a success because of a smaller liver.
This is why my brain is cloudy. Its trying hard to figure out what God wants me to do. So... please pray.........................thank you! :)

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