Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"Talking to my Son"

In a world filled with so many types of communication, one can pick and choose. When it comes to talking to your 19 year old son, you can also pick and choose.

Josh and I can talk together - when he is in the mood. If he and I are in a vehicle together alone (I believe the term is held captive) then there is a really good chance that we'll have a great conversation eventually. The last time I was in Kansas, he and I traveled to St. Francis and back. The trip out was pretty uneventful as he slept most of the way. On the way back was a different story. We just talked and talked and it was excellent!

Sometimes when I call him on the phone..... not so much. He is probably just getting home from work and/or he is surrounded by his guy friends. Not a particularly great time to talk to your mom I guess. He isn't rude or anything - he just doesn't have much to say.

The other night I called him and it was pretty much a one sided conversation. I decided to let him move along and said goodnight. A little later on I got a text message from him. I answered. We ended up carrying on a "conversation" for about an hour. It was great. He really spoke from his heart on an issue and told me something I hadn't known. It was interesting that this form of communication made him more comfortable than actually talking on the phone. I don't care.

If I have to pick and choose, I will choose communication with my son, no matter how it happens.

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