Sunday, May 20, 2007

One of my dreams

I have a recurring dream. I'm guessing that I have it at least 3-4 times a year - maybe more than that.
The dream itself has some variations, but the basic premis is the same: I water thirsty plants.

Sometimes the dream takes place in a greenhouse. There are many potted plants around on tables and I take a hose and water them.

Sometimes the dream takes place in a house (one I cannot identify) but its always the same house. There are assorted tables with plants on them. There are hanging plants as well as big pots of plants on the floor. I remember there being "hidden" plants - or ones that are in a secret place.

Other times the dream takes place in my childhood backyard - in my dad's garden. Even though he had a vegetable garden, I am always watering rows and rows of young flowers.

In all three cases, the plants are in dry dirt. They aren't wilted or dying - but they are in need of water. In all of the dreams I use a water hose - never a watering can. I'm not in a hurry and there is no sense of urgency at all. I quietly and gently go from plant to plant. There is nobody else in the dream but me.

The thing that ties these three dreams together is the huge amount of satisfaction I get from watering these dry plants. It is an overwhelming feeling as well and I just cannot wait to get to the next dry plant.

My friend Tami and I discussed this - and we decided it was a desire to nurture. I think it is a "mother thing". I know that when the dream is over and the plants have all been watered, I feel good. I feel like I've accomplished something. I know that I've done what I can do to help them and that it is something that only I can do.

This dream is one of my favorites - and I cannot wait for it to happen again.

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