Friday, March 30, 2007

Quick Judgements

One of my many flaws includes making snap judgements about people based on too little information. Two cases in point.

There is an older man in our church. His name is Roger and I've never actually met him. Everyone speaks very highly of him and all that he does for Royal Rangers. For those of you not familiar with Royal Rangers, its a "club" for boys in the Assembly of God church. They work on badges, go out campouts etc. and its kind of like boy scouts, except that its all God centered. A very neat organization for boys and its quite active in our church. Roger is the head of Royal Rangers and has been for quite some time.

Now here's where the snap judgement comes in. I have seen him around several times. When he comes to church, he always wears his royal blue Royal Rangers baseball cap and his royal blue Royal Rangers zip up nylon jacket. The cap is pulled down pretty far and his ears kind of stick out. He just looks......slow. There. I've said it. That was my assessment of him. By the way he looked.

Last Sunday, we started going to a different Sunday School (which is another story). People in the class take turns teaching if they wish to and this Sunday it was Rogers turn. My goodness it was a good class. He was an excellent facilitator and had some great scripture insight. Dr. Zollman ( Yes... he's one in the same as "slow Roger") did a really good job. I couldn't believe that I had been so quick to judge him and felt so bad for doing so.

Example #2. Adm Barry Black was the speaker for our annual fundraising banquet last night. A couple of weeks ago, I was on the phone talking to his administrative assistant trying to iron out a few details. I asked if the admiral would be bringing some of his books along for signing afterwards. The assistant said he wasn't sure. He said "Here, let me have you talk to the Admiral and he can tell you for sure". !!!!!!!!! I was sweating. The ADMIRAL ?? ME??? I was checking my lipstick in the reflection of the picture of Braylon on my desk. I ran my fingers through my hair.... I was...
"Oh, yes. Good morning Admiral. My name is Sheryl and I'm with Christian Stewardship Ministries."
"Well... yes. I was wondering if you'd be bringing your books along to the banquet for signing purposes?"
"Yes...I can do that."
"Great... that sounds wonderful. We are looking forward to seeing you on the 29th."

He hung up on me. I was speechless. So....I immediately drew the conclusion that he was some sort of aloof jerk who was only "in it" for the money. We had also heard that he would show up just in the nick of time, stay for his talk and exit about 5 minutes later. We heard he was a good speaker, but that was about it.

Let me tell you - he showed up an hour and a half ahead of schedule. He shook my hand and was quite warm (not the temperature of his hand). He mingled and talked with people. His talk was absolutely terrific! He is just a spirit filled Christian and we couldn't get enough of. He stayed about an hour afterwards signing books and talking.

Once again - those snap decision-making skills that I have so finely honed are just not accurate. I need to slow down, and wait until I gather all my information before making a decision.

And by the way.... who says I'm the person at the head of the line to make judgements anyway?

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