Thursday, March 1, 2007

......I look at my kids and I believe

Things change.....over time lots of things change. My hair isn't the same color. Even if I didn't dye it, it would be a different color. My knees... well, they just aren't the same anymore. They don't bend like they used to and they sure don't feel like they used to. Another thing has changed - the love I have for my children. I loved them so when they were babies.... I loved them so when they were toddlers. Middle school was difficult for the girls... but I loved them dearly them as well.... and there were times that were so hard for Josh... but I loved him then as well. Now, my children are young adults and my love for them has not only increased, but has changed as well. I can hardly describe it. I love them for being my children. I love them for the people that they are. I love them for my friends. They are my heart. They are my passion. And now, little Braylon John has been added into the mix... and he is a whole different kind of love. Wow... I am so blessed! I am blessed beyond my capacity to receive!

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Jason & Chelsie Crook said...

I had to think back and remember where the picture of me and Jason was taken! I love this post!