Friday, March 16, 2007

My Father's Siblings

There is just something about my father's family that makes me feel warm. They love me.... and I know it. Its just like that..... no question. I know that they think about me, even when I don't see them for a couple of years. I communicate with my cousins - and that has spilled down from the brothers and sisters being so close.
I am always so excited for our Estes Park Reunion - and so are my kids! Its not just because its in the mountains - though that in and of itself would be enough! Its because I just love those people! Its like we had never been apart! There are hugs all around. Not just hugs... but genuine, warm "I'm so glad to see you" hugs. We just sit around and drink coffee, look at pictures, share laughter and catch up on memories.
This last reunion was so much fun. All four of my children came with me... as did Braylon John (who, I might add, did very well on that long drive). It was so good to have them along and I know everyone was glad to see them "all grown up". This was the first time for Jason to see everyone... quite daunting I"m sure... but it was just great for everyone to meet him. We took pictures and the thing is.... who knows what next time will bring. My uncle Bill was not able to be there this time as he was not doing well... and he has just passed away a couple of weeks ago. We've lost my dad, Aunt Doris, Aunt Evie, Aunt Fran and now Uncle Bill.
We've also lost my brother Gary, my cousin Don's son Donnie, my cousin Laurie and my cousin Jim's daughter Christi.
Each reunion is precious. We don't know from year to year who we'll see. That family is very special to me.

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