Friday, March 23, 2007

A guy and his shirt......

What is it about a guy and his shirt? I mean.... what makes them decide not to wear one outside? I'm sitting here at my computer, which faces a window. Its nice outside... upper 60's... and a guy just walked by outside with shorts and shoes on. No shirt. I don't get it. What prompted that? What was the conversation that went on in his head?
"I wish I owned a shirt....."
"I've got abs of steel and I want to show the world...."
"I'm so hot I'm dying here....."
"All my shirts are dirty and I'm only going to my car and back...."

Women NEVER have this conversation. I mean, NEVER. True, there are other issues. But I'm guessing if there weren't other issues, we still wouldn't have that conversation.

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