Sunday, May 3, 2009


Throughout the years, I've found that friends are one of the most important things you can have. Without them, there is a void that really is hard to fill. I'm not saying that friends are THE most important thing in life - but they are definitely in the top 5.

I have friends from when I grew up. I have a friend that I literally went all through school with and roomed with 2 years in college. When Marsha and I get together, we pick up where we left off. Like we had never been apart. We can still finish each other's sentences.

I have many friends still from college. We may not talk on the phone often, and may only actually write to each other at Christmas, but we are still friends and when we get together, which may only be every 5 years, it is a wonderful thing!

I have friends from Kansas that have stayed beside me through thick and thin. They have supported me even though they may not have understood me at all times. They loved me in spite of things. They stood beside me, cried with me, laughed with me and are still there for me today with a solid hug and a warm smile.

I've made new friends here to some degree. I have people who I am friendly with and people who I can smile with. For some reason though, it's not the same. There has not been a connection here and with only maybe 1-2 people aside, these friends are fleeting. They don't stand beside you. They don't support you - or at least they don't appear to. You shouldn't have to "search" for support. You shouldn't have to wonder what you did wrong to make them have disappeared off the radar screen.

I am so thankful for my forever friends. For those women who are there for me at any turn. And it is to those women I say this: I will be there beside you as well. I support you and love you and cherish the bond that we have. You are such a blessing in my life. After all these years, I can count myself blessed to have been given a sisterhood of friends.


Laura said...

I love your sentiment in this post. I, too, have friends like yours. I'm glad to call you a friend, even if I don't see you very often.

Leah said...

Sheryl, I just love reading your blogs! They are so refreshing, simple, meaningful and hopeful at all time. I miss you "mama"!