Monday, May 25, 2009

City noise vs Rural noise

As I was sitting on my daughter's front porch this morning, drinking a wonderful cup of coffee, I came to the realization that I have "categorized noise" issues. For some time, I have figured out that noise bothers me. I thought it was ALL noise - but after my morning on the porch, I realize that it is city noise that bothers me. Not noise in general.

This morning I was enjoying the quietness of the morning when I realized that it really wasn't quiet at all. Someone was working on their house. You could hear sounds of hammers and the sound of a saw now and then. There were sounds of cars driving past and the sound of children playing in the neighborhood. I could also hear birds chirping. I was as content as can be. The noises really were just a part of the morning and if you live in a rural area, you know what I mean. It was all intertwined. Nothing stood out - and nothing was annoying me. (wow, that's an entirely different issue)

If I were in the city, sitting on my deck listening to the same noises - it would be annoying me. Listening to children play on the sidewalk right outside, making noise and bothering me - well, since I used the word "bother", I think you can see my point. The cars in the city are louder and more offensive. When someone pulls into the parking lot with their radio on loud, it annoys me. They seem to have no respect for those people who live in the same area. This morning there was someone working outside and they had their radio on. It didn't bother me one bit.

What am I to deduce from this? I'm not sure - but I know that I am not content in the city and apparently things annoy me a lot quicker in the city. Is it because there is noise overload? Perhaps. Is it because it is never quiet? Perhaps again. I just know that sitting on the porch this morning, all was rigt with the world. The rural noises were comforting to me. The city seemed so far away.

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Laura said...

I understand about the noise. I think there is a lot more "noise" here than what I am used to and sometimes it gets to me also.

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