Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Speeding Ticket

I am just chapped. Annoyed. Ticked. I could go on.....

I was driving along Tuesday morning and there at the corner stood a policeman and he pointed at me. Me! I looked at him and pointed at myself saying "Me?" He pointed POINTEDLY at me. I knew he meant me.

I pulled over.

He clocked me going 44 in a 30. I didn't know it was a 30 but it probably wouldn't have made any difference because nobody and I mean NOBODY drives the speed limit in Fairfax or DC or anywhere in this fast-paced area. I was going with the flow of traffic - which happened to be 44 mph. I admit I was speeding. And he had proof. But seriously. SERIOUSLY! I had just pulled on to this street - and I truly didn't know it was a 30 mph zone. I pulled around a car to pass in another lane and gunned it a little bit and he clocked me. I wasn't even speeding up until that point! I was probably going 44 for about 2 seconds. Does that count??? It must.

I have not had a speeding ticket since 1972! Where's the grace????

I'm just annoyed. This little ticket is going to cost me around $300. Terrific. There's always an extra $300 laying around waiting to be spent. Why not spend it on a stinking traffic ticket. That I shouldn't have got anyway. Or if I should have, then everybody else in this huge fast-paced out-of-control on-your-bumper-if-you're-going-slow city.

I'm having trouble letting go of this. Can you tell?

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Laura said...

I haven't gotten one YET, but I'll think about yours when I'm going 20 mph on I495 tomorrow. Sorry about the ticket.