Thursday, March 12, 2009

The South

I've been in South Carolina for 8 days now and honestly, it is just a wonderful place. Aiken is beautiful - and seems to be a wonderful mix of communities. This is definitely both golf and horse country. We are within a stone's throw of Augusta and this entire area is gearing up for the Master's. Apparently people in Aiken actually leave the area for that week because it gets so crowded - much like the people of DC left during inaguaration.

They have a lot of horse people around here. They have the Aiken Trials this coming weekend, followed by the Steeplechase and then polo. This is referred to as the Triple Crown and the community is all abuzz about the activities! I will be going to the trials on Saturday, but not before I was assured that I didn't have to wear a hat. I look goofy in a hat - but that's another story.

Many of the streets in Aiken are not paved - actually there is one area that is not paved and that is for the horses. People can ride their horses or the carriages and the horses won't have to be on pavement. Some of the street poles that have buttons to push for the crosswalk, have buttons that are up higher. They are for people who are on horses so that they can reach them.

The downtown area is so sweet and has lots of wonderful shops. I have found a fun knitting shop that has a get-together on Wednesday evenings and have found a cute little book store as well with a coffee shop in back. Score!

I also have made a few friends already. I am having coffee with a new friend tomorrow morning as well as Sunday lunch with another new friend. I like the direction this is heading.

Truth be known - the South is as friendly as I have been told. I am anxious to see if the contract goes through. I have spotted a house that I absolutely love - and Jay is going out with me this afternoon to look at it with me. Of course we can't even begin to think about making a purchase until we get a solid "yes" - but I can sure dream!


Anonymous said...

Sweetie Pie? We're just looking :-) Jay

Chelsie said...

It sounds so nice! I hope it works out!

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