Monday, March 2, 2009

Finished Knitting Projects

I have had four knitting projects going at the same time for a couple of weeks now and I don't like it. I don't mind having two going at once: one easy and mindless and one more difficult and more challenging. But four? Too many - and it was making me frustrated because I wasn't getting any one of them done.

So my goal was to get two of the projects done before we leave for a visit to South Carolina on Thursday. Today was the perfect time to get started - we got about 5-6" of snow last night and this morning and I wasn't going anywhere! I got out the two projects that were nearly completed and got to work!

I finished this neck wrap first. I got the idea from a picture I saw online and adapted it to the way I wanted it. This was knit out of my very first spinning. As you can see by the fiber, it was definitely "chunky" - which is a polite way of saying that I hadn't mastered the art of spinning. And while I have yet to do so, my spinning is much finer now. That being said, I actually love the way it turned out. I love the chunkiness of the yarn and thought it was very appropriate for this piece. I added two bone buttons to secure it around the neck and viola!

Project # 2 were fingerless gloves. The pattern was from Liz and the yarn is Asti Alpaca with a twist (50% alpaca and 50% cotton). I love how they feel and they are going to be perfect to use when I'm on the computer during the winter. Seriously - my hands get so cold!

All in all, it was a wonderful winter day! I got to watch it snow while I was knitting. Talk about a comfort day!


Liz U. said...

Yeah, we got a big ol' dump of snow, didn't we?

I'm so excited to see your first handspun project! That look is so in right now.

The mitts look great! It's so cool to see a pattern knit by a friend.

Now you just have to finish your sweater. :P

I hope to catch you before you leave for SC. I have birthday prezzies for you!

Laura said...

The neckwarmer looks great! What a great use of your first handspun. The mitts look good too.

Have fun in SC.

Amy W said...

How fun! You're making me itch to create something other than soap...

Chelsie said...

LOVE the neck wrap. Very cool!

And...glad to see the fingerless gloves. Not mittens :)