Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8

Last night I was duped. Big time. I kept seeing the trailer for the season finale of Jon and Kate Plus 8 and it looked like FINALLY Jon was going to speak his mind and tell Kate that "enough was enough" - "get off my back" - "stop nagging me" - and so forth. That wasn't the case.

I realize that this is a reality show - and I realize that the producers show us what they want us to see. Their life must be absolutely crazy and I am one of the millions who tune in each week to see how their life is progressing. But really. Kate treats her dogs better than she treats Jon and I can't believe that she doesn't see that. We all do.

So - back to the trailer. They showed clips of Kate yelling at Jon about him spending $50 for something and then him yelling at her that he wasn't going to move any more furniture......and guess what. Those clips were never seen in the season finale episode. Seriously.

As it turns out, Jon is very frustrated with the fact that he has kind of lost his identity. He isn't Jon any more - he's Jon and Kate plus 8. I'm sure that's true. He says he can't go anywhere without cameras following him all the time and people always wanting their pictures taken with them. I'm sure that is very frustrating and he might not have had any idea at the time they signed up for this that their show would be this popular. But - he did sign up for it. And I'm sorry that people can't leave them alone in public. I'm also sure that when you cart around 8 children, you kinda lose your identity. But guess what. It happens. To a lot of people. We just don't happen to have a weekly television show on TLC.

I'm glad they didn't have a big blow-up but maybe they need to. Maybe Jon needs to sit Kate down and tell her that she is terribly OCD and she needs to cut him some slack. That man works PLUS does a lot for those kids. He certainly is a hands-on dad and he does more than his share (by what we're shown on tv). I'm just really tired of Kate treating him like a little boy.

So - in the end - once again - the American Public was duped. And even though I'm tired of it, it was my choice to watch the season finale. To sit all the way through it in the hopes of Kate finally getting her dues. To be one of the ranks of people who can't get enough of reality tv.

Wednesday night is Survivor.......

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