Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Morning

I'm just as content as can be this morning. Jay had to head out the door early for a long, grueling day.

I on the other hand, got to sleep in. I leisurely got up and got ready - and now I'm sitting in the breakfast lounge of the guest house we're staying in. I'm sipping some wonderful coffee and cruising the internet.

Jay took the car, so I have nowhere to go today. It's just as well - it is chilly and rainy outside. I had planned on going to the horse races today but the people I was going to go with decided it was not a good day to be out and so they cancelled. OK with me.

When I'm finished reading blogs, I have a new book of Short Stories from the South and my knitting beside me. And since I CAN'T WATCH KU PLAY IN THE BIG 12 CHAMPIONSHIP GAME TODAY (sorry, I had to vent) I am just going to do all my favorite things today.

Later this afternoon, Vallie is going to pick me up and we are going to take pictures of the house I've fallen in love with so I will post them later on. When Jay gets home late afternoon, we are going to get a pizza and some beer and then we've been invited to some new friends home for drinks at 7:30.

Honestly - this is the most friendly place! In one week, I have made so many new friends. Listen to this. We had dinner Monday evening with some of Jay's co-workers that live in Augusta. They said that they thought I would enjoy meeting Pixie who works in their office. Well Pixie called the next day and said that she'd love to meet me but that she was very busy with the Trials this weekend and could she introduce me to her friend Vicki? I said sure - and Vicki called the next day. This woman met me at the bookstore yesterday afternoon and we had coffee and we drove around and chatted and shopped - like old friends! This woman met me - sight unseen- and took time to spend the entire afternoon with me! She was a delight and I was truly blessed beyond limits! They are the ones who have invited us over for drinks this evening. They also live in the area where our possible new house will be. (No Jay, I have not signed on the dotted line yet!) He worries so........

So - I'm imagining Chelsie in the St. Patrick's Day race this morning - and I'm thinking about Rachael eating Japanese this evening with her Trevor - and I'm thinking about Josh doing Saturday "stuff" and thinking about Jason watching his wife cross the finish line and feeling his back mend every single second - and I'm thinking about Braylon John being the most wonderful little boy in the world - and thinking about Jennifer settling in Japan - and I am just happy. Thank you God for this day!

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Amy W said...

So you might end up in SC? It is so lovely in the South. I'm not a bit surprised by your story. One of the reasons we loved Knoxville so much. Even the drivers are so courteous!