Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Wintery Day

Today was a nice wintry day. We started the day out by going to an "All Church Breakfast". The men cooked breakfast and it was delicious! We had scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage links, biscuits, cereal, bagels and blueberry pancakes. mmmmm After we all ate and chatted, we sang Christmas Carols. It was just a nice way to spend a Saturday morning.

After breakfast, I had choir practice. Our presentations will be three times next weekend - so we were of course using every opportunity to practice.

After I got home from choir, we had a small snack and then headed downtown on the metro. My friend Erica was celebrating her 32nd birthday at a Mediterranean restaurant that we had never even heard of. The food was delicious and it was fun to meet new people.

When we left the restaurant, it was snowing! Just a beautiful, soft snow. After the ride home, we decorated the apartment for Christmas. Jay had already put the lights out on the deck last Friday - so we decorated the tree and put the nativity scene up along with all the other decorations.

It was just a wonderful Saturday - and now the house feels a little bit more like Christmas!

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Chelsie said...

Ahh..good day! I called at one point but you didn't answer - this explains why!