Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Weekend of Friendship

This was just a warm-fuzzy weekend. We had a lot of things planned to do - and almost every single thing involved friends and doing friendship things.

I was invited to brunch with my friends Erica and Pria. They are relatively new friends, really within the last 6 months. We just have laughed so hard together and this brunch was no different. It was fun to connect with them again and share a lovely afternoon.

Then in the evening, our small group at church gathered for pie and prayer. Everyone brought a pie and I'm here to tell you - oh my goodness - these women can bake a pie. I made a blueberry pie. We cut them all in small pieces so that we could have a nice "tasting" of a variety of pies. I was STUFFED!

Here is a picture of one of my dearest friends Miss Edna (beside me) and my friend Helen.

Here is a picture of Carol and myself - another good friend who I shared the evening with!

What a fun weekend before Christmas we had. This afternoon I went to my friend Laura's house and she started teaching me how to spin. It was so pleasant and very comforting. She loaned me one of her wheels so now it's sitting in my dining room where I intend to spend several hours over the holiday learning a new skill.

The weekend went so fast - but we had a wonderful time making memories!

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