Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Chilly Surprise

Last Sunday was my Christmas surprise. Last year, Jay surprised me by taking me to the Bull Run parade of lights. This year, he told me that I needed to dress warm and as we were getting ready to walk out the door, he told me I had to bring my Metro card. As I opened up the door to the outside, I realized I hadn't dressed warm enough. The wind was blowing and it was really, really cold outside. So - I added layers. Good thing.

We got on the Metro until we reached Metro Center where we changed to the red line and rode until the Woodland Park stop. All this really meant nothing to me because when we get that far away, I have no idea where anything is. We walked out into the cold and he told me that we needed to walk about three blocks. Translated - three VERY LONG BLOCKS INTO THE WIND. I'm telling you - it was freezing. Really, I wasn't bad except for my face. My face was frozen. So we walked. And walked. And then finally around the corner.........

The zoo was decorated everywhere with beautiful lights! The buildings were decorated along with the trees - but also there were wire lights in shapes everywhere!

Even though it was very cold, it was so pretty. They had music playing, plus at one stop there was a brass ensemble playing (bless their blue lips stuck to their mouthpieces)

Somewhere in the middle of the zoo was a giant snow globe with a panda in it. Not a real one you understand - but some poor soul dressed up in one - inside the snow globe. You'd certainly not want to be claustrophobic would you!

It was a fun surprise - we even got to have hot chocolate at the zoo! By the time we arrived safely back home, we had finally warmed up. Another Christmas surprise! Thanks Jay!


Chelsie said...

What a good surprise! Fun!

Laura said...

Jim took the boy and me the first Saturday it was open. I'm glad we went then, it wasn't as cold. We didn't sample the hot chocolate, but we did try the kettle corn. Glad you had fun.