Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Gradual Leaving

I just had a wonderful time with my family at Christmas. We never have to do anything special at all - just be together. We talk and laugh and sing - and I listen to the exchange of inside jokes and quotes from movies and I just never get tired of hearing my children's voices.

But then comes the hard part - the leaving.

It comes in stages - and it is gradual - but it is never, ever easy.

First comes the hugs and the goodbyes. I almost always cry, even if they don't see it.

Then comes driving out of town. That is the most awful part to me. Actually leaving the city limits. I cry and Jay just drives along and lets me.

Then we get on the interstate and eventually leave the state of Kansas and cross into Missouri. I don't like that part.

When the plane leaves the ground, the spot that gets empty in my heart is pretty evident. We are up in the air and the memories of the time spent is heavy.

By the time we land in DC, I sigh and realize that I'm once again many, many miles away.

Even with all that said, and as hard as it is, I wouldn't forego the trip just so that I wouldn't have to feel that difficulty of leaving. I am so thankful for Jay, for my children and for that sweet little boy who knows just who to ask for a book at IGA. I am so blessed for the relationships we all share and for Papa and Marmie who indeed are an extra blessing to me. We all share four wonderful children and a grandson - and God is good. He is so very good. All the time.