Monday, April 30, 2007


Braylon loves his Elmo chair. He got it for Christmas and it usually sits by the window in the living room. He likes to sit there and watch cars go by and look for "his" squirrel. While I was in Kansas, he moved the chair to the middle of the room, covered up with his blanket, leaned back and put his hands behind his neck.... just chillin'. I just was not quick enough with the digital camera to capture it. He would get into position, I would click... and then 10 seconds later the camera would take the picture. Dang..... but oh man he looked cute. He also found his stocking cap from the winter. I believe it was in his toy box. He wanted it on so of course, we put it on. Then.... he had to pose for the picture. I couldn't resist. He's just so cute. And that smile.... well that smile is directly attached to my heart.

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