Thursday, April 12, 2007

The very thought of it.....

Today is Thursday.
Tomorrow is Friday.
Then Saturday.......and I'm just not sure I can wait.
I'm flying to Kansas Saturday morning. I mean... I'm FLYING to Kansas Saturday morning. My heart is already flying and my brain is dizzy with excitement.
I don't think I've ever been more excited to see my children than I am now.
Well, there was that one was after the first day of Kindergarten. The bus finally pulled up at the end of the lane.... and my little five year old child got off and walked down the lane to the house. I had let them go for only a half day but to me, it seemed like forever. I had so many questions. I had hugs I hadn't used all day long. I wanted to play. I wanted to chat. I wanted unlimited time with them.
The only thing different about then and now... is that I'm going to be the one getting off of the "bus" and walking down the lane to see my children. And it has seemed like forever. And I have questions. I have hugs. I want to play. I want to chat. And I want unlimited time with them.
Today is Thursday...
Tomorrow is Friday......

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