Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Lady's night out

Once a month, several of the women in my church go out for a social. We go to one of the nearby restaurants, eat dinner together and just talk. There is no bible study involved, no prayer time... just talking. It serves a wonderful purpose. It helps us connect - it helps with unity within the church. It gives me Sisters in Christ.

It isn't always the same women. Several of us are regulars - but there are others that pop in and out one month and then not another. Its just that kind of thing. There is no obligation. No commitment. And that's ok too.

The age group varries....mean age is probably 40. There are mothers with young children.... mothers with children who are in elementary years and those of us whose children are grown. Its quite a group - lots of experience to share - lots of stories to laugh about.

The one thing I know for sure (sorry Oprah) is that this group has helped me to feel a part of a "community". I have new friendships. I have women who give me a hug because they are glad to see me. I have women who care about whats going on in my life and it feels really good.

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